Jon Canady


Consulting & Advising as Third Star Technology
Side projects and any startup advising or consulting are being done under the Third Star Technology banner. If you're interested in my services as a software developer or leader of enginering departments, please email me so we can discuss!
Board Member, Columbus Ruby Brigade
I serve on the board of the Columbus Ruby Brigade, where I coordinate speakers and donations of time and space from sponsors. I work with the rest of the Board to ensure that our meetings and events are valuable to the local software development community.
Screencasts & Videos
I love to help folks learn new things, and sometimes I create screencasts and other videos.


Founding Engineer at CoverMyMeds

As an original employee of CoverMyMeds, I wrote and led teams that delivered key products and critical internal tools, and was repsonsible for much of the engineering policy and practice. LinkedIn has a longer description of my eleven years' work.

In 2017, CoverMyMeds was acquired for $1.1 billion.