Android Basics My iPhone Still Can't Get Right

Man, Android's starting to look good. The interface is not nearly as polished as the iPhone's, but the iPhone's failing on other levels which bothers me more and more every day:

  • Notifcations: I really love Android's pull-down notification center. The iPhone's handling of notifications is infantile by comparison:

    • You get one dialog on the lock screen that shows everything.
    • The minute you unlock the device it goes away and leaves you with individual app badges as the only notification that something happened.
    • Third-party apps can use icon badges but they can't use the lock-screen notifications, so even if your twitter client is getting push notifications, it doesn't show on the home screen.
    • Not to mention that I can't respond to an SMS without quitting what I'm doing.
  • 3rd-Party App Backgrounding: My iPhone Twitter client can't pull messages if it isn't running. Things for iPhone can't update its dock badge without being run once, which makes the dock badge near-useless. And I can never have something like Locale, which is too awesome for words.

  • Customization: Hey Apple, why can I change my ringtone but not the New Mail, New SMS, or Calendar Alert sounds? Why can't I put a background behind the app icons? And why can't I replace the dialer with Google Voice?

  • Mail Client: To be fair I've never used the Android mail client, but it's gotta be better than the No unified inbox, no spam filters, no PUSH IMAP for GMail, and no "Mark All As Read" option. Nearly useless.

I'm still sticking with my iPhone, but if Apple doesn't up its game with its 2010 offering, it may be time to jump ship.