Poker Report: Rebuy at the Bicycle Club

From here on out, if I say I'm going to play in a rebuy tournament, if you mention this post you have the authority to slap me. That said, I think I played well. Read on to see how I faired. (Spoiler alert: I did not cash.)

The club has taken to running rebuy tournaments on Fridays, and I've been jonesing for a game, so I decided to see how I could fare.

Immediately I'm seated to the right of a regular who only plays rebuys as his "fun" games. He quickly drops below the starting stack (starting at 7,200), does an add-on (to around 14,000), then proceeds to play loose-agressive for the entire first hour while rebuys are active. Except he never needs to rebuy, he's just catching hands left and right. I had pocket QQ, he catches with 2 3 offsuit. Then, with triple the average stack, he proceeds to do his final add-on to put him near 50k.

Well, fuck.

To my credit, I played well. I think. I was seated next to the chip leader but I managed to not spew off my entire stack on decent starting hands. I picked up pots where I could and vacated where I was unsure, which is the best I can do under the circumstances.

When the final table is drawn down to I'm way below the average, about ten bets left. Not great, but I've come back from way worse. Three hands in I pick up QQ again, and I have to make a stand.

UTG pushes for has last few thousand, and MP1 pushes for more than me. I can't fold, so I toss mine in too. UTG has 99 and MP1 has TT. My QQ is ahead! I'm already counting my stack after my triple-up.

Flop includes the Queen of Hearts. Now I'm calculating where I'll be in relation to the big stacks.

Runner-runner hearts ends up completing MP1s flush. One of his tens was a heart. And I'm out. It's well scotch for me tonight.


I played well. I didn't just toss my chips in with a mediocre hand, I played solid poker with solid hands, and got my chips in when I had the best of it. I can't ask for more than that, and I hope I've got the same discipline next time.