Tournament Report: Monday $40 at the Bike

This one's gonna be brief, as I got knocked out of the tournament before the first hourly break.

Lessons Learned

Don't Give Free Cards

I'm in the big blind and I get JQ offsuit. No raises, so I check. Flop is JQ4 rainbow, and I bet a third of the pot and get called. Turn is a 9, and I check. Ten/King is a possibility here. Villain checks behind, and from the way he's played I assume he doesn't have the straight. River is a 7, and I'm pretty certain my top two pair is good. I bet, and get raised significantly.

Now my mistake here was calling, because this player was obviously betting when he was good and folding when he wasn't. But the rest of the table was pretty snaky and pulling that kind of check-raise nonsense, so I guess I was expecting it. So many things have my Queens-up beat, but I figured he'd have bet 44, 99, TT, JJ, QQ which all have me beat, but he'd probably also bet AA or KK, and like I said the table in general was in a tricksy, raisy mood.

He had 8T, the dumb end of the straight. I didn't see that coming, but had I bet the turn I would probably have gotten a fold. As it stood I checked him into the best hand. Do not give free cards.

What Is This I Don't Even

I'm in middle position with 66. First few hands fold to me and I pump it from 200 to 500. I get raised by the button to 1600, and after some deliberation I call. I'm assuming something like AK. Flop comes 555, which is weird, but great for me. I bet 2000 and get called. The turn is a 6, which gives me a larger boat. At this point I assume I'm going to win the hand, and I bet 5000 into the 7200 pot. The guy falters, thinks for a while, and calls. Turn is a K. I checked, villain goes all in. Shit.

Thinking time. I've got the second highest full house, sixes full. There's one hand that beats me, KK for Kings full. He might have it. He is willing to risk his tournament on it. He had me covered but only by a few thousand, so maybe he thought he was pot commited? Maybe he does have AK, and he's assuming that his fives full of kings is good. I sure would. Maybe he's got AA and he's assuming that even if I have KK he's winning. There's too many hands he could be playing, and only one of them that beats me. I call for less, and he turns over KK for the nut full house.

Nothing to do there. Had to bet it, destined to lose it. If I'd shoved the turn, would he have folded? Probably not with fives full of kings. Someone said I should have seen something fishy going on and maybe I should have folded. I told them the next time they have the second nut boat on a relatively dry board like that they can fold to a river shove. I did see something fishy, but there's no way I'm folding that hand, not against this guy.