Tournament Report: WTF LAGs?

Monday $40 at the Bike, out before the first break. Worst I've played in a while. I won a single hand in the less-than-hour I was in this tournament.

Seated to the left of a loose-agressive regular. This is the best place to be, because I can react to what he's doing. If I'm to his right, he has position on me most of the time and he can freely raise me out of hands. My beneficial position did not help me this time.

Lost Half My Stack

Heads up hand between me and the lag, made trips on the turn. I'm calling each of his ridiculous overbets; he's been betting hard and driving most of the table out of pots, so I'm happy to get paid off with trips. River gave him a straight, but I didn't even see it on the board. Half my stack went into that one.

Lost The Rest

In the small blind, I'm dealt QQ. UTG+1 raises to 600, button (the LAG) raises to 1200, I push all-in. I figure that I'm way ahead of everyone's range. BB folds, UTG+1 folds, LAG tanks for thirty seconds and calls. He flips king/jack offsuit, and I flip my queens. I'm 71% to win this hand. Flop is blank, now I'm 83%. Turn is a king and I'm suddenly 5% to win. No good, I'm out.

Lessons Learned

I have a problem with LAGs that are good at what they do. I can't tell when they've got a hand and when they haven't, and this one seems to have a good read on me, beacuse all of my mediocre hands got raised to the point where I couldn't call. I felt like I couldn't open my normal range, I felt like when I did hit something like middle pair I couldn't call. I can't tell if I was on tilt or projecting some gigantic read, but damn.

Not mad about my play at the end, four-bet shoving pocket queens against a LAG isn't horrible at all, but I am fairly upset about getting sucked out on.