Learn From My Poker Mistakes

Played in a cash game at The Bicycle Club. Bought in to $1/$1 for $100, sat down. Had some good hands, had some bad hands, made some minor mistakes but kept my head and ground out some steady profit.

Let me paint a word picture:

I only have one hour left at the table. Self-imposed time limit.

For the entirety of this hour, I can't catch a hand. Either it's way below my range, or it's right in the middle of my range but the flop completely avoids me. I'm playing well, I even manage to bluff a few tiny pots and keep my stack steady.

Five minutes to go. Can't go wrong now. Gonna stay through the blinds, play the button, and bow out.

I'm in the big blind. Get dealt crap, other players raise, I'm out.

I'm in the small blind. It's this, and one more hand, and I'm cashing my chips in. Someone raises to $12. I look down at QQ. I don't know if I hid the shock on my face at seeing a good hand. I raise to $25. Dude thinks for two seconds and calls.

Flop comes. J 7 3, rainbow. I look down at my cards again. I think for a second.

And then I open fucking shove. With no action before me and only one other player in the hand, I bet the entire nut.

Kids, never take my advice. I'm horrible at poker.

My opponent calls. I know exactly what's happened. I table QQ, he tables AA. Of course I can't catch a two-outer, and in this case I deserve my loss.

Now, it's extremely likely that the money was getting in the pot anyway. When the board was run out, There was no K or A in sight. I had a devestating overpair and probably would have raised whatever he'd bet. But that doesn't excuse my play. I can't say I played it well but luck simply got the best of me. I played it horribly and fate raked my face.

sigh And I missed Columbus Ruby Brigade for this.